How do I properly create a profile so that I can quickly find someone?

Are you tired of spending the evenings alone? Just watching TV on the weekends? You cannot find the right partner on the street, at work or when going out? Worse still, even adventures do not turn out the way they did 10 years ago... Even if the way may be difficult at first, an online dating portal is one way to go. It is important here how you create your profile in order to attract enough attention from other users. The better a profile is filled out, the greater the chances of attracting interest.

couple sitting & texting

The figurehead of every profile is the profile picture. Here you should not only make sure that you look good yourself, but that the environment is also tidy and clean. Beer bottles, clothes lying around and full ashtrays will give the profile visitor to draw wrong conclusions. It is also not useful if you choose a picture on which you are very small. Likewise, not wearing sunglasses is important because the eyes are an important feature when looking for a partner. An absolute no-go are images where you have a friend of the opposite sex in your arms, which may make you think that you might not be available for a possible partnership. Brief conclusion! Choose a picture where you can clearly see your face you would look like on your first date. If possible, maybe add one or the other picture, which also shows you differently.

Then we come to the filling in of the personal things. When choosing the profile name, you should make sure that it is something that corresponds to you. For example, an artificial character or something that describes you, a term from a hobby or job is a good idea. Strong expressions are often a deterrent. The specified profile data are also important, as they allow the other person to form a certain picture of you. Right at the top is the location of the place of residence. This is important because if you only discover in the course of the conversation that you live hundreds of kilometers away from each other, you both can feel like it was a complete waste of time.

When it comes to habits, such as smoking, you should cheat a bit, if you are a smoker you can say “maybe”, you never know whether your new partner might be worth quitting.

In addition to the picture, the profile text is also an important feature for yourself. Under no circumstances should you bend over and describe someone that you are not. Simply remain authentic anout yourself and point out what you would like to find in a partner. If you are not entirely sure about the spelling, do not worry as the profile description can be checked by a spelling program before you save it. As with the picture, the first impression counts. Now just save everything, and maybe soon you will not be alone anymore.