How do I find out that someone is not fake?

Here are some very good tips and suggestions on how you can proceed so that you can find out whether the person you are chatting with is really the one in the photo with whom you want to write or is a fake. Be inspired by these lines in order not to be fooled any longer, because you do not want to be annoyed any longer, or to be sure that you are writing with the right person! The following advice will surely help you.

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Many of us know that feel of anticipation when you go to a website and look at several profiles, then get stuck with some of the ones you like best. Slowly you write to some users and of course you are happy when an answer comes back. You like to write to them and look at their nice picture again and again and suddenly you get a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach because it somehow does not go together. Doubts creep up and you suddenly start to wonder, is that really the one in the picture or did I fall for a fake? And if it is a fake what do I do now? Do I just stop, do not I care? Question after question. We can definitely make one thing clear, it is not a pleasant feeling and we want to get rid of it.

So how can I best expose these fakes? What usually does not help is addressing it directly, because most of them will not admit it. A great way is to ask for up-to-date photos. A fake cannot do this because they only has a certain number of photos and all of them are not up-to-date. They will certainly deny that and they will find an excuse for it. It is also a good thing to remember all the important data, to write it all down and not to give up, to ask at regular intervals, because if it is a fake, the person could easily make a mistake because they often make it up on the spot. Unfortunately it happens again and again that men pretend to be women or vice versa. You feel cheated. What could also be noticeable is if this person always has time, no matter when you are online. Why does this person always have time? An equally important point is certainly the meeting.

Of course, we must not forget that it may take a while for each person until they are ready to meet, but after a certain time it may happen. But with a fake it will understandably never come to that, because it can not. If you have really stayed in contact for so long and you have yet to meet, then you might be talking to a fake. It is hard to find out that it is better to go on to a new person and admit you have fallen for a fake (or rather unlikely but also possible, a very unsocial person who does not dare to get out of their shell). If you do not want to do all this to yourself, you should right at the very beginning clarify certain points.

If your gut feeling is uncomfortable, it is usually correct, it has seldom let you down before, why stop listening to it now! But being rude and direct with people because of that would be wrong. Luckily there are still enough that are real in the world.